quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011


The challenge of freedom
only with the abolition of individual selfishness is achieved human progress, and the only way to eliminate such self-centerpieces would be to organize a normal social life as much as possible.
Only through self-humans can know the world and reach the maximum of wisdom, that is, through his psychic life because it is the pinnacle of creation.
Only man has a mechanism to connect with all creation and creator.
This is the cause because we can achieve all there is to know and even some secrets of creation and creator.
Happiness comes from freedom, when William Okhrana said the essence of human beings was "free will" did not distinguish its use in the well and this idea has caused great inconvenience because the man thought he could be happy with evil. It's just a matter of correctness in such a way that definitely will return to paradise lost.

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